I love the most recent work of Pete Hawkins. I agree with his philosophy that inspiration for good ideas can be found in the mundane, the normal, the everyday. His latest muse was discovered in a corridor and took the form of a piece of wood donning math sums, random doodles and derogatory comments about classmates; a classroom desk top.  What a find, and what a body of work this discovery birthed. There is something very Banksy about these pieces, but instead of spray paint, oil, and instead of buildings, school desks. I can picture them now, dotted around my flat! Check them out. My faves pasted below. Also available to buy at http://www.theoutsiders.net.

“I liked the idea that these paintings are a sort of elaborate doodle of a school boy or girl’s dreams, hopes, and aspirations. In a child’s mind, the possibilities are endless so with that thought I have tried to create images of obscurity where ordinary depictions of people and objects are put together to make up something out of the ordinary.” http://www.pete-hawkins.co.uk

Astro Kite.  120 / 60 cmStand in line.     80 / 50 cmWar games.     120 / 60 cm