Ever wanted a new pair of Nikes but the pay cheque doesn’t land for another 2 weeks and a girl has gotta eat? The Merit Shop, a new online store is offering a solution; buying stuff without money. Save your cynical eyebrow raises for one moment for The Merit Shop are not offering something for nothing. No no no, you pay with talent.

San Francisco-based designers Daniel Soares and Pedro Sampaio, the brains behind the brilliance, ask that you “Sing a song. Tell a joke. Do whatever. Use creativity instead of money. Here, in this little corner shop of anarchy, the value is all in you”.

The duo told Taxi that “It’s not about money. For us this is a project to see what happens. To make some good in this world.”

So dust off your vocal cords and whip out those Jazz hands, this is the kind of world that I want to live in. Tell people about them. http://themeritshop.org/ and check out their beautiful video below.

What if money didn’t exist?