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POW! WOW! Is a week long festival in Kaka’ako, Honolulu attracting around 100 artists from around the world to come together in a celebration of public art. POW! WOW! was founded in Hong Kong several years ago and was brought to Hawaii in hope of engaging the community through art via a series of lectures, collaborative mural projects, exhibitions, concerts and art classes. The event took place in January of this year, but the official video has just been released. I would love to spearhead an event like this in London, especially as we have such a strong street art scene here.


Brought to you by the same team of designers behind the Giles Miller Studio is Heliot and Co, a new surface design brand, offering decorative surface finishes for the interior design industry. They specialise in innovative tiles and panels, playing with different textures and patterns, in ceramic, metal, wood, leather and mirror. I find their work just breathtaking. Who needs any furniture when you have a white, ceramic tiled, textured wall? If I had a zillion pounds, I would have a room in my home just for the wall.


Last night while waiting for a medical appointment, through sheer boredom I began flicking through Tatler magazine. Such magazines, in particular their society pages, usually evoke in me a disdain tinged eye roll. But aside my snobbery was put when I came across the design pages. What a little gem of design yumminess came into my consciousness. The new collection from Jamie Hayon for DB Barcelona. Thank you Tatler.

Showtime Armchair for BDShowtime Sofa for BDShowtime Sofa & Armchair for BDShowtime Chairs for BDShowtime Chair for BDShowtime Mirror for BD

Phare No.1-9, is a new project from Simon Heijdens exploring water as dimensional volume, a translucent refracting medium for light. Phare (meaning lighthouse, headlight, beacon, light in French) consists of nine suspended, water filled glass containers, filled with water and photo-sensitive dye. At the top of each container is a light source which emits a beam of light. When the light hits the dye, it changes from being transparent to a pink/red colour (pictured below) and creates three-dimensional “drawings” in the water. The curved base of the container acts as a lens and projects the “drawings” onto the completely white walls holding the installation, which act as a canvas for the ever changing patterns. Clever dicky. In an interview with Marcus Fairs of Dezeen, Heijdens was reluctant to discuss the technology behind the project as he feels “the true value of people walking in here, without any baggage or any understanding, hindered by any kind of perception, is just the sudden wonder”. Looks pretty bloody wonderful to me.Phare No.1-9 Simon Heijdens for Perrier JouetPhare No.1-9 Simon Heijdens for Perrier JouetPhare No.1-9 Simon Heijdens for Perrier Jouet

I love the most recent work of Pete Hawkins. I agree with his philosophy that inspiration for good ideas can be found in the mundane, the normal, the everyday. His latest muse was discovered in a corridor and took the form of a piece of wood donning math sums, random doodles and derogatory comments about classmates; a classroom desk top.  What a find, and what a body of work this discovery birthed. There is something very Banksy about these pieces, but instead of spray paint, oil, and instead of buildings, school desks. I can picture them now, dotted around my flat! Check them out. My faves pasted below. Also available to buy at

“I liked the idea that these paintings are a sort of elaborate doodle of a school boy or girl’s dreams, hopes, and aspirations. In a child’s mind, the possibilities are endless so with that thought I have tried to create images of obscurity where ordinary depictions of people and objects are put together to make up something out of the ordinary.”

Astro Kite.  120 / 60 cmStand in line.     80 / 50 cmWar games.     120 / 60 cm

Spanish architects Nook have renovated a small apartment in Barcelona’s gothic quarter and it needs to be shared. Roc3 is the third conversion that Nook Architects have undertaken in the same building. They have left the beautiful floor tiles in their same position, so the original distribution of the apartment can be seen. Nook here follow the trend of retaining old tiles in Barcelona apartment conversions. Much of the furniture was sourced from a local second-hand store (cue fantasies of rummage through a dusty Barcelonian junk shop).

Roc 3 apartment in Barcelona by Nook

Roc 3 apartment in Barcelona by Nook

My favourite design features here are the white painted ceiling beams and the dining table which has been topped with an old door. In addition, some of the apartment walls have been left unpainted in places, revealing layers of faded plaster and old tile adhesive. Interior design porn.

Roc 3 apartment in Barcelona by Nook

Roc 3 apartment in Barcelona by Nook

The styling of this shoot is stunning. The flashes of red work beautifully with the white and muted blue tones. The colour choices compliment those gorgeous floors.

Roc 3 apartment in Barcelona by Nook

Roc 3 apartment in Barcelona by Nook