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I am obsessed with paper arts at the moment, origami in particular. So much so, in fact, that I made an origami Valtentines Day card for my boyfriend. I thought I would share with you some stunning examples of paper art that I have come across.

Peter Gentenaar | paper artistof paper and things: paper arts | paper art installationMorana Kranjec | Dario Cuci folding fabrics in fashion, fabric manipulationPaper sculptureA life-size hummingbird paper sculpture.Paper jumperpaper installationFace Sculpture#paper #artFashionIntricate Paper Frocks - This 'Pratt + Paper & Ralph' Pucci Exhibit is Sure to Amaze (GALLERY)Paper Installation


Bocci, a contemporary design and manufacturing house based in Vancouver, Canada was founded by Omer Arbel in 2005. His conceptual approach has birthed a unique and striking collection of lighting, furniture, electrical accessories and objects. Their lighting design I am a particular fan of (see images below) and their installation at the V&A for the 2013 London Design Festival was awe inspiring (see video)

Bocci operates as a community of designers, architects, craftspeople, technicians, agents, governance bodies, testing facilities, raw materials suppliers and fine shops. Their aim is to build a network of talent unified in creating high quality, practical and aesthetically innovative consumer goods.

Bocci is committed to manufacturing at their Vancouver factory which reinforces their aim for community moving towards a common goal. The glass blowing studio, office, warehouse and design studio are all in the same location; Bocci employees walk through the factory floor to get to their desks. I just love this and vision for myself the same working environment.

Bocci offers consultation, design, and fabrication services for custom chandeliers of unlimited configuration – from petite to linear to oversized chandeliers. “Our custom capacity is infinite.”

I have pasted the following images below for your viewing pleasure. In my humble opinion, their work is not just lighting design, but art.

For more information, check them out at

teamLab is a Tokyo based group of multi-disciplinarians including programmers, user-interface engineers, mathematicians, CG animators, architects, designers, artists and editors. teamLab’s eclectic mix of professionals have fused their respectice skills to create a new art installation.

Homogenizing and Transforming World is part of the exhibition Distilling Senses: A Journey through Art and Technology in Asian Contemporary Art, at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. An all encompasing maze of giant suspended orbs, each engineered to morph in hue depending on how it is treated, communicate to each other via wireless connection. They change color and emit different sounds when touched by visitors or bump into each other or other objects. The orbs send color information to other orbs which then spread the information to furhter orbs, changing all the orbs to the same color, representing the spread of information between individuals on the internet. The piece is a metaphor for the internet and globalization in general.

You can see the installation in action via the following video:

Phare No.1-9, is a new project from Simon Heijdens exploring water as dimensional volume, a translucent refracting medium for light. Phare (meaning lighthouse, headlight, beacon, light in French) consists of nine suspended, water filled glass containers, filled with water and photo-sensitive dye. At the top of each container is a light source which emits a beam of light. When the light hits the dye, it changes from being transparent to a pink/red colour (pictured below) and creates three-dimensional “drawings” in the water. The curved base of the container acts as a lens and projects the “drawings” onto the completely white walls holding the installation, which act as a canvas for the ever changing patterns. Clever dicky. In an interview with Marcus Fairs of Dezeen, Heijdens was reluctant to discuss the technology behind the project as he feels “the true value of people walking in here, without any baggage or any understanding, hindered by any kind of perception, is just the sudden wonder”. Looks pretty bloody wonderful to me.Phare No.1-9 Simon Heijdens for Perrier JouetPhare No.1-9 Simon Heijdens for Perrier JouetPhare No.1-9 Simon Heijdens for Perrier Jouet